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In the previous article, we saw that how advertising works on Social Media and How can you get benefits for your business. In this article, We will see the importance of Product videos and Product Video Advertisements.

E-commerce marketing is won’t complete without the video marketing. Video marketing is very strong and powerful way to get the consumer directly from Social Media to your E-commerce store. You can create a business video or a product video advertising to increase the user engagement and get the more sales. Video inspires consumers to believe in your business and your product. When you use video ads for Social Media it is recognized by customers and it will become a direct sale from Social Media. You can make a small video of 1 to 3 minutes for your business or product or service advertisement. 

Why are Video Advertisements so important? Some Facts!

  1. 64% of All Internet Traffic globally is video consumption.

  2. On Average products with video get 88% more time spent on page.

  3. 50% of users who watch videos on their mobile devices use them to decide on purchases.

  4. Product Videos are Watched 60% of the time.

  5. 3/5 will spend at least 2 minutes watching a product video.

  6. Shoppers who view a product video are 174% more likely to purchase.

Here are two videos for product videos. one is for the importance of videos and later we will see some of the existing product videos.

Importance of Product Videos






Some existing Product videos for Review






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